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Welcome | Rules

Welcome to Michalka Stills, an icon challenge for singers/actresses ALY and AJ Michalka. Please read the rules, join and participate!

001. Only submit icons that follow the guidelines in a challenge.
002. Do not post your submissions anywhere until challenge is over.
003. Do not save other users icons and use them unless you have permission.
004. Do not use others' icons as your own.
005. No animation!

Submission Format


All comments are screened.

Voting happens day after challenge is closed.
001. Do not vote for your own icons.
002. Do not ask others to vote for you.
003. You may not vote if you did not submit yourself into challenge.

danes_stillness Claire Danes Stillness
charlize_stills Charlize Theron Stills
adrien_stills Adrien Brody Stills
alexb_stillness Alexis Bledel Stillness
amber_icontest Amber Tamblyn Icon Contest
anne_challenge Anne Hathaway Challenge
djr_challenge Daniel Radcliffe Challenge
emmy_hush Emmy Rossum Challenge
grace_stillness Maggie Grace Stillness
jessica_still Jessica Alba Stills
rach_challenge Rachel McAdams Challenge
sj_icontest Scarlett Johansson Icon Contest
lilly_stillness Evangeline Lilly Stillness
kate_stills Kate Beckinsale Stills

ashleymtisdale Ashley Tisdale Community
disneychannel Disney Channel Community
thetiptonhotel Tipton Icons and Graphics
philofthefuture Phil of the Future Community

To become one, comment here. Don't forget to add us, or our button, first.
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